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LOST: generations...

It's all coming together nicely. Pops Widmore and Moms Faraday were part of the Others in the 50s. Desmond is temporally special. Widmore may or may not know that, but only cares that he keeps Penny safe. Widmore's a grandpa and doesn't know it.

I think the first episode of the seventh season of LOST will open with Charlie, JiYeon, Clementine, and Aaron, all in their 20s, sitting down for a meal with a 30-something Walt in his luxury compartment on an Oceanic dirigible. The question is, will it be a flash back or a flash forward? =)

So, yeah! In the real world, "present day," Desmond and Penny have a baby boy! And, awww... they named him Charlie! Sweet. They've been hiding out from gramps (and incidentally, Ben) for three years on their boat, but now that Desmond's recovered this memory of Faraday, he's ready to go back to his other favorite island, Great Britain.

Desmond: This has nothing to do with your father, Penny. We are here because of Daniel Faraday.

As soon as he said it, you knew it was LOST-ironic. How mean of the writers! And when he goes back to Oxford and finds that they've done everything possible to sweep him and his work under the academic rug, the trail leads him to a time-sick ex-girlfriend, and ultimately, to Charles Widmore, who, of course, funded Faraday's wonky time travelling research for a decade before putting him on the freighter.

I'm assuming it's Daniel's girlfriend, cuz of the framed photo (Daniel next to a mystery blond =) in his locked up lab, but perhaps Theresa Spencer was just a fellow time travelling academic enthusiast? Could she have been the woman who asks him why he's crying when we saw Daniel watching the ocean floor images of flight 815 on the news?

In any case, once Widmore calls him to join the Fantastic Four, he leaves for America, and three years later, is never heard from again. Sometime after Faraday left, Theresa got timesick, and apparently didn't have anyone to help her contact a constant and recover her temporal equilibrium. Would've been nice to see Desmond stick around and do that for her.

But hey, wasn't that Theresa's sister who answered the door? Wouldn't she be a good enough constant?

Anyhow, discovering the Widmore was holding Faraday's purse strings leads Desmond to storm into Charles's office. Fun! Widmore somewhat grudgingly gives up the location of Faraday's mom—Los Angeles, where she's predicting the next "present day" appearance of the Island, and helping Ben coordinate the Six's return. Pawn shop Watcher's gotta be Moms Faraday, AND, I suspect, also the girl soldier (Elle?) back with the 1950s Others on the Island.

Once Widmore gives up this info, he implores Desmond to deliver his message and then go back to wherever he's been hiding. He knows that Ben's out for Penny's blood and whatever differences he might have w Desmond, he believes that he will protect her.

How much does Widmore know about/how much is he responsible for Desmond's special temporal abilities?

Speaking of 1950s and the Island...

That's when and where Locke, Sawyer, Juliet (ever since she was first introduced, I always think of Juliet Parrish =), and Dilbert, Charlotte, and Miles are wandering about. I was off by about a decade, thinking that they time-skipped into the 40s, and WW2, possible onto the Island as a Pacific battleground. Turns out, it's the Island as Pacific H-bomb test site. Kinda perfect.

Cute and funny and slightly FUTURAMAy that Dilbert says that she's so familiar, right after declaring her love for Charlotte, so that Elle takes it as if he's making a weak little pass at her. Heh. Luckily they didn't take it into "doing the nasty in the pasty" territory. =)

So, Dilbert checks out sick little Jughead and prescribes burial in lead and concrete as the cure. And his reasoning? Because in the future, the Island isn't soaked in radioactivity! Love that logic! =)

Elle: Are they from the future, too?
Sawyer: You told her?

Yes, Sawyer continues to rock. I don't think he got to say "Who the hell are you?" this episode, tho. =)

Interesting, tho. Cuz this means that there's an H-bomb buried somewhere on the Island. The mention of concrete and burial immediately got me thinking of the Swan. Could the bomb have been some unforeseen factor that led to the "incident?" Maybe... Could a leaky H-bomb actually become or create the weird EM thing under the Swan over 20 years?

Had a thought about the Swan in relation to the Orchid and the Island moving. Let's assume that moving the Island has worked in the past. That the Island, or at least, the Island's access point(s), has successfully been moved before Ben's turn at the donkey wheel. Anyhow, what's a big different between previous turns of the wheel and Ben's? The EM well or whatever it is/was that the Swan station tapped into. I theorize that that EM field somehow regulated the effect of the exotic particles in the Orchid, limiting a spacetime jump to just the dimensions of space, and so, moving the Island. Unfortunately, without that EM field, the jump is uncontrolled, and in four dimensions, and thusly, we have time-skipping.

So, Juliet, Sawyer, and Locke take a couple of punk soldiers prisoner. The cocky one kills his buddy when he talks too much Latin w Juliet and then runs back to Other basecamp, not believing that an old man could track him or know the Island better than he does. Heh.

Of course, Locke tracks him. In the meantime, Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles survive an awesome couple of 815 red shirt-wacking land mine detonations and are taken captive by the Others. Miles demonstrates concrete practical use of his speaker for the dead ability. Sawyer and Juliet move in to save Daniel from his pre-Mom, and Locke walks into Camp Others and asks for a meeting with the everyoung Richard Alpert.

Juliet: Richard's always been here.
Locke: How old is Richard?
Juliet: Old.
Sawyer: I hate to bust up your "I'm an Other, you're an Other" reunion...
Sawyer: ... Wanna stay here in crazy town or help me rescue the geek?

Locke gives Richard all the info he'll need to mess with him later in time. He gives him the compass (paradox! wack! =), which he'll present to boy Locke when interviewing him for his special school. Did Locke drop/leave other things of his behind when time skips again? Charlotte and Miles's hands are still tied up after the skip. Do the arrowed bodies of the 815 red shirts continue to skip thru time with the cool kids?

Locke also tells Richard when he'll be born, and tells him to check in on him at the hospital in two years (which he does). And of course, he explains that he's gonna need his bulleted leg treated in the wreckage of the Nigerian beechcraft. Good times.

Oh, and before he sits down w Richard, Locke discovers that punk ass Other soldier is none other than Charles Widmore!

Locke: You're name is Widmore? Charles Widmore?
Widmore: What's it to you?
Locke: Nothing, nice to meet you.

Circle of life, dude. =)

Keep on keepin on~

p.s. Was it just me, or did they have Desmond decked out just a little bit like a couple of other particular time travellers who are friendly to the British isles? =)

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