Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Deal of the century on Brattle membership! =)

Wanted to alert you all about today's Groupon for Brattle Membership, which you can bust out for this week's most excellent and unusual Brattle big screen options! =)

First, the Groupon—$30 for a regular membership to the Brattle! Check out the details online at Groupon!

For more info, the Brattle membership page.

Now, some Good $hit playing at the theater this week...

AMERICAN CASINO. A documentary that investigates the stories and talks to the people behind the subprime mortgage crisis at many levels, from home buyers to Wall Street financiers. The feel-good hit of the season! And probably an interesting complement to Michael Moore's CAPITALISM, which I still haven't seen. Let me know if you're up for hitting either or both. CASINO begins a week-long tonight (Wednesday)!

The 50th anniversary of TWILIGHT ZONE! In honor of Rod Serling's mindbending TV show, the Brattle is programming four nights of classic episodes, presented on the big screen via digital projection. Donation admission is $7 for four episodes each evening. Check out the schedule for details. The series begins tonight (Wednesday)!

The 40th anniversary of MONTY PYTHON! To commemorate the frightful oldness of these comic geniuses, the Brattle is packaging up their films, along with episodes of FLYING CIRCUS, into an all-day Python-a-thon this Saturday! The films: WIND IN THE WILLOWS, AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, LIFE OF BRIAN, THE HOLY GRAIL, and MEANING OF LIFE. You can hit each film as a single feature or buy a $30 pass good for all screenings.

Keep on keepin on~

p.s. Beware, tis the season... I'll be hitting you up for totally tax-deductible Watch-A-Thon support soon... =)

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