Monday, November 30, 2009

I am needs your honest hand in our project (the Watch-A-Thon ends Dec 3!)

Dear Friend,


I wish to approach you with a request that would be of immense benefit to both of us. I am a moviegoer based in Cambridge, United States. I want you and I to make some fortune out of a situation that I am obviously left with no other better option. The issue that I am presenting to you is a case of the favorite cinematic venue, THE BRATTLE THEATER, needing to continue its operations. It is the situation that the theater is independently owned and run (one of the final in the region known as the Harvard Square) and relies on the support of patrons and community. This requires actively raising monies and seeking donations to fund its mission of repertory programming and films preservation. As a patron recruited to aid in this endeavor via movie-watching marathon, or watch-a-thon, I am now faced with a problem of getting a trusted person who I will make the beneficiary that I would share this fortune of movies with. And, as well as being of great service to the cause of the cinematic and popcorn arts, according to the law such contribution to this fortune is supposed to be bequeathed to be of deductible benefit to that person in regards to government taxes.

As I am not very sure of getting your consent yet on the issue, I would employ methods of persuasion, referring you to expositions on the importance of the theater and perhaps escorting you to a screening of film at THE BRATTLE THEATER itself, at an occasion of mutual convenience.

For explanation, examine the verbiage selected by the Brattle Film Foundation, and that chosen by my own self.

At this point I want to assure you that your true consent, full cooperation and confidentiality are all that are required to enable us to take full advantage of this golden opportunity. You may process the required transaction, either in the form of a pledge of support per movie observed (simply a few $US per film), or a single donation amount, in complete security, at the following internetwork location...


I will appreciate your urgent response in this regard. The window of this opportunity shall close at the end of the day of the third of December. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. You can as well reach me on [the email].

Yours faithfully

p.s. If you would like to share this fortune with others, the receipt of this message authorizes yourself to extend the invitation to them as I've made it to you, with the requirement of featuring the same details and interlinked resources.

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