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LOST: John Locke. Substitute.

6.04: "The Substitute"

A Locke episode! Well, a Locke / Lockesau episode, anyhow.

In LOST2, Locke is living with Helen (hooray!)! They're planning for their October wedding, just a month away. Impossibly, their guest list includes Locke's father. Can't be "Tom Sawyer"/The Man From Tallahassee, right? Cuz John IS in a wheelchair, after all. Locke still works at Hurley's box company. Jerkass chicken shack manager Randy Nations fires him for going walkabout on the company's dime.

Hey, Locke went on his walkabout, and his experience went down pretty much the same in this reality as in LOST1. To my mind, that means that Matthew Abaddon planted that seed in John's mind in here, too, just as he did in LOST1.

On his way out of BoxCo, Locke meets the big man himself, who sets him up with an appointment at his temp company. Gotta say, Hurley is really having a pretty good life here, and benevolent and generous with his fortune. Makes me wonder if he's got Something More going on. He could be a kind of secular Jacob all on his own, eh? Or an agent of one of the bigger players in the metagame, right? Lottery winner and wackily diverse investor/entrepreneur makes for access to lots of odd and interesting places and people...

Anyhow, when John shows up for his interview, he meets supervisor Rose, who talks him down out of his chip-on-the-shoulder choice of job opps.
Loke: What do you know about realistic?
Rose: I have cancer, terminal cancer.

This is the LOST2 equivalent of their knowing moment and secret sharing on the Island in LOST1. Thanks to a chance encounter before boarding LOST1's 815, Rose knows that John was in a wheelchair before the Island and Locke knows that she was taking meds for her cancer.

I wanted to get a better look at the painting on the wall. Anyone catch anything significant? And didn't that guy in the "Dream Job" motivational poster look just a little like Desmond? Has he got a successful LOST2 career as a stock photo model? Or maybe a spokesperson for Hugo's agency?

At home, Locke's lost luggage is returned, and John takes the opportunity to use the handy visual aid (case o' knives) to come clean with Helen about his being fired. Locke gives Helen an ultimatum of sorts, telling her that if she's waiting for him to get up out of his chair, if she's waiting for a miracle, there are no miracles, and she should leave.
Helen: There are miracles, John, and the only thing I was ever waiting for was you.

And she rips up Jack's business card. I wonder if we'll see those torn-up pieces again...?

Until now, John's been the Locke that we met in LOST1, the angry, obsessed man who demands that people don't tell him what he can't do. In the wake of Rose's earnest take on living one's life and in the glow of his fiance's love and loyalty, it seems that he's actually ready to change, turning the corner. In the end, we discover the job that Rose set him up at: substitute teacher. Is THIS his LOST2 destiny? An equivalent to his rebirth (granted, there seemed to be multiple, but you know what I mean) on the Island?

Anyhow, seeing him in this school environment, I was really hoping to see Walt as one of his students. Alas, not to be. However, we're rewarded with a different toy surprise when John finds the teacher's lounge...

Ben: Benjamin Linus. European History.
Locke: John Locke. Substitute.

How does Ben end up here? He was shot by Sayid in 1977. Saved by the spring waters of the Temple. He survives the Incident. Does he leave the Island before taking over the Others after Widmore? Or after? Is he still a leader of the exiled Others, and this is a day job cover? Chosen and cultivated because it would eventually get him near John Locke?

In LOST1, Lockesau is on a recruitment drive, and it kicks off with an EVIL DEAD camera treatment of the Monster's POV! Totally goofy, but for me, very satisfying in a Sam Raimi-style way, heh. First, he tries to get Richard to come around to his way of thinking. The language and scenario plays a little like jilted Brokeback, no? Kinda funny. Richard doesn't go for it, so Lockesau moves on to Sawyer.

Sorry, even after dilly-dallying for days, I don't have enough to keep going on the Lockesau thread. I think I covered the big revelations and Qs in the previous "highlights" post, tho. I may think of dumping the play-by-plays for highlights in general. Altho, the way I ramble, who can really tell the diff, right? Namaste.

Keep on keepin on~

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