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LOST: timelines, Desmond, and questions...

6.01 / 6.02: "LA X"


It crossed my mind during the premiere that we may be getting LOST2 as a cautionary tale, a purely what-if story, provided to satisfy curiosity, and except for demonstrating that the lives of many of our Losties are destined to be intertwined in more than one reality, L2 and L1 have no connections between or influence over one another.

When Juliet said, "It worked," that notion was blown away. Assuming she wasn't simply delusional, she experienced something in her near-death state that convinced her that somewhere, somewhen, flight 815 didn't crash.


JG brought up the notion of the two timelines we're witnessing in the premiere as being... well... synchronous, might be the word? Simultaneous? So that LOST2 is actually three years younger than LOST1. I dismissed it at first cuz I thought that what happens in the three years from 2004 to 2007 would be important to the LOST2 characters, but then again, maybe not. What's could be just as important is the information and experience the LOST1 characters have in 2007. So, if one of them looks across, or can send a message across, or actually jump across (Desmond, I'm talking to you), from 2007 LOST1 to 2004 LOST2, they've got knowledge, of people's natures, Island/DI/Other resources, and big players in the Island's history, that can be exploited to great advantage.

And if you've watched any SLIDERS or read any FANTASTIC FOUR, you'll know that one of the great ways to get around time travel paradoxes in a multiverse is to jump across to a parallel reality in which events are all identical until the targeted jump point (if desired), but governed by a slightly different clock, locally (like, a different period of rotation for the Earth), or universally (a few seconds or years difference in the timing of the Big Bang).


Stumbled into this intriguing yet FREAKIN' annoying idea while discussing w JG. Do you suppose that Desmond was flying with someone? Libby was on the plane in L1. Desmond is on the plane in L2. Perhaps he moves to the aisle seat beside Jack from his seat next to his lady love and round-the-world sailboat race patroness, Libby. Do we know why Libby was on 815 in L1? Why she was in Sydney? Where does Desmond meet Libby in L1 when she gives him the Elizabeth?

This post has more Qs and thoughts on Desmond and his matrimonial status.

In L1, Desmond appears in the Elizabeth on the day that Libby is buried by the Losties. Always love-hated that near-miss LOST interconnection.


There's still some Desmond wiggle room in the past. An opportunity for a present-future Desmond to do some snooping around in the past. Well, actually, there's as much time as the writers wish to crowbar in, really, but I'm thinking of a specific window that's already been mentioned. It's when Desmond blacks out after leaving his first bride at the altar, then wakes up to find the monk offering him a hand. Yeah, he claims that he passes out in the aftermath of a cold feet bender, but given the other blackouts we've seen Desmond suffer, you've gotta wonder, right? I would love to see Desmond from L2 (the fellow who sits next to Jack on 815 in 2004) flash back to that time and do some mucking around in the past to set things up or learn things for later.


Rowan had a great idea—Desmond on the plane is actually Esau. He appears on flight 815 only while the plane is in the airspace above the Island (maybe in the snowglobe, maybe not, we seem to get the turbulence at the point of entry, but not exit). I have a feeling the timing for this doesn't quite work out, but who knows? Maybe the writers will make it work out.

In this scenario, Esau-Desmond's actually in the seat next to Jack, and can interact with and be seen by others, it just happens that we don't witness any such interaction.

I really like this idea. And it sparks a solid answer to the question: do Jacob and Esau survive the sinking of the Island? Yes. Jacob can apparently leave the Island whenever he wants. Esau is apparently constrained by the realm of the Island, but he can turn into the Monster, and any dead person whose unmolested body remains on the Island. I'll bet the Monster has no problem surviving, and, OK, it's a little Wonder Twinny, but who's to say he can't take the form of a shark if he wants, right?

The sad implication here, tho, is that Desmond of LOST2 is dead somewhere on the Island. Maybe the Island survived the Incident, the Swan gets built, Desmond is washed ashore, Kelvin shanghais him into button-pushing, some as-yet-unseen cataclysm befalls the Island, and he drowns in the Hatch. This would mean that Widmore probably survives, has Penny, and Desmond ends up training for his round the world race, in which case, Jack *would* recognize him.

Y'know, I don't think they've ever actually talked about that meeting, have they? And I'd still really like a look at Desmond's family tree. Have we seen or heard anything about his roots? Is he an orphan?


If someone were to dive down to the Island now in LOST2, swim down the Orchid shaft, bust into the Orchid chamber, and turn the wheel, would it work? Would it move the Island, and at the same time return it to sea level?

Faraday and the Losties, by following thru on Faraday's plan, basically play god, or Jacob, whichever. =) So, really, who has the right to rewrite history? In all the good big stories, it's the bad guy, isn't it? Or the good guy driven bad/mad? Even if the intention is for the better, for paradise, it's always hubris, isn't it? And in this case, it's Faraday, Shephard, and the sheep who say they can fix things. No doubt Jack and the Losties are only thinking of changing one thing—815 not crashing on the Island. They're thinking very narrowly, about how the Swan not being built means there's no button to not be pushed when their plane goes down in 2004. But there's a lot more than that going on. There's setting off a nuke on top of a pocket of exotic energy on an Island where Jacob and Esau live, along with the Others, and the DI non-evacuees. Who's to say it will be a better world without the hidden works of the Dharma Initiative and the shadowy activities of the Others and the children of the Island?

Speaking of DI evacuees, won't Charlotte still become an archaeologist and try to find her Island? Won't Miles still develop his ability to read the dead, and seek the body of his father to read him?

Is Claire pregnant? We only ever see her face in the cab. No obvious sign of whether she's pregnant or not.

Why doesn't anyone press Miles, frabnabbit?! Sawyer walks away after Miles reads Juliet. Hurley notices Miles reacting to... something, when he says farewell to Sayid...
Hurley: Goodbye, dude. If you ever want to talk... I'm around.
Hurley: What?
Miles: Nothing.

Meaning... No reading off of Sayid, like, he's not really dead? Or... Is he reading something from Sayid like he read from Juliet?

Keep on keepin on~

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