Monday, March 22, 2010

LOST: Do I know you from somewhere?

Okay. What's going to bring all our familiar Lostie friends together in the reality outside the snowglobe? A wacky MAD MAD WORLD car chase? Heh, I hope not. The premiere of a new Hugo Reyes produced feature film called FOUND? Alas, not bloody likely. A natural disaster? Hrmm... Maybe. Perhaps a robbery gone bad, perpetrated by a desperate alterna-Lostie? Maybe maybe.

What I like for the occasion of a 20-car destiny pile-up: Helen and John Locke's wedding. =)

John knows or has met... Jack at the airport, Hurley at the box company, Rose at the temp agency, Ben (and Arzt and maybe Alex) as the substitute.

Maybe Locke tapes that business card back together and goes in to see Jack for a consult after all. Whether Jack can offer him hope or not, not as important as the fact that they continue to connect, so Jack gets an invite. By this time, Jack and his mother might have tracked down his half-sister, Claire (maybe he sees her name on the board in the ER?), whom Jack can take as his +1.

Perhaps Hurley does a little snooping into Locke's situation and decides to pull some strings to help out financially with Locke's wedding. Maybe even on the sly, contacting Helen directly. In any case, I think Hugo gets an invite for playing career matchmaker for the just-fired John Locke.

Remember, Locke's also met Boone, on flash 815. With Hurley's backing, Helen might want to hire the Martha Stewart of wedding planners, Boone's mom, to help put together their special occasion. In that case, Boone might show up on the day of as the on-site consultant or whatever he is.

And given his connection with Rose, whose personal story served as something of a wake-up call, and who set him up with his fateful gig as substitute teacher, I'd say she's an easy invite decision. Bernard as +1.

From his new co-workers, Ben seems an obvious choice. Too creepy for him to ask Alex as a +1? And, in case we need a red-shirt at the ceremony to take the brunt of any explosion of violence, why not throw in Arzt, right?

JK reminded me that John actually has a framed photo of Helen, his father, and himself on his desk at work, so, I guess when he said his father was invited, he meant his actual, kidney-thieving father, aka Anthony Cooper. If he's at the wedding, I'd say that's more than enough motivation to get Ford and Straume to crash it. If they do it undercover, perhaps they'll bring dates. Anna Lucia and Juliet?

Out of our major players, who does that leave out?

Sun and Jin, Sayid, Kate, Desmond, Charlie, Frank, and Daniel. Maybe Penny, Widmore, Libby, and Eko. Am I forgetting any big names?

Hrmm... How about Eko presiding over the ceremony? And Desmond, Charlie, Frank, and Daniel as the wedding band? Perhaps Sayid's dry cleaning biz (previously Omar's) also rents out tuxes.

Or, the wedding is happening somewhere that allows for some chance intersections. I agree with JK that it ought to be something outdoors. I think Helen would want that, in spite of sketchy wheelchair accessibility. Hrmm... Could Jack perform miracle surgery quickly enough? But the reception could be in a banquet hall of a hotel, right? Or a giant tent in a park that anyone could pass by or thru, like Kate or Jin or Sayid in a getaway car...?

Hrmm... Then again, someone with the resources and the reason could stage an event that would invite or draw this unlikely collection of characters together. In the reality outside the snowglobe, that could be luckiest man in the world Hugo Reyes, global industrial tycoon, Charles Widmore, or perhaps, modestly successful supermodel and adventurer, the dashing Desmond Hume. I'm sure that someone with the connections and wealth of the Widmore we know from inside the snowglobe could definitely paint a single event, real or faux, in just the right different lights to be a can't-miss for anyone on the Lost roster, just the right false pretenses. Golden tickets to Charlie Widmore's Chocolate Factory?

Heh. Well, hopefully, we shall see...

It would be just too much for all of them to end up on another plane together three years later, right?


Keep on keepin on~

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