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LOST: You have what it takes...

6.05: "Lighthouse"

Gonna (lightly) hit and ramble some points in Jack's story in LOST2 from last week's episode before they get swept away by this week's... Here's the LOST1 ramble.


More deja vu with Jack in LOST2. Confused about when his appendix was removed, he asks his mother about it. She explains to him that he had it out when he was 7 or 8, after collapsing at school. His father wanted to perform the surgery himself, but wasn't allowed.

In LOST1, Juliet removed his appendix with Bernard's help.

What's going on here? LOST2's Jack seems surprised at the sight of the scar, as if his appendix hadn't been removed before September 2004. Jack is feeling out of sync with his own body. Is this a blip? An early stage of a process? Assimilation? Rejection? A symptom of a man-out-of-time situation/sickness similar to Desmond's psychic time jumps, only across realities? Too soon for me to make any kind of call. Interesting, though, that we see such a sharp connect/disconnect in Jack and not Locke, Kate, Hurley or Claire, the other Losties we've gotten to shadow so far in LOST2.

So it seems like Jack is experiencing the most cross-reality information bleed of all our familiar LOST2 Losties. Kate's next, with her conspicuous double-take of Jack just as she begins her taxi cab getaway from the airport.

On the Island in LOST1, Juliet seems to be the only one aware of LOST2, making some kind of full-on contact just before dying.

Maybe Jack's visions in the Lighthouse mirrors are of LOST2 locations, but thanks to his hissy-fit, we may never know. Bleah.


Jack goes to see his mom to help her find Christian's will. When she does finally find it, she asks...
Jack's Mom: Did your father ever mention a Claire Littleton?

Will Jack soon see that she was admitted to the ER at his hospital?

I wonder if perhaps a little bit of reflected sunshine might have highlighted the envelope with Christian's will, leading Jack's mom to find it... maybe sunshine reflected off a Lighthouse mirror thousands of miles away and three years in the future, dialed to 23 degrees at Jack's request...?

While they rummage in search of the will, they talk about David...


Is this his son with whatzherhead? The miracle patient whom he married in LOST1? Or did Jack marry and divorce a colleague in this reality? Perhaps a fertility specialist? Or maybe the young wife of an ailing ambassador(?) whom he couldn't save...?

I'm gonna assume it's the annoying blond from ED and MODERN FAMILY, the miracle patient he married in LOST1. Apparently, they're separated or divorced, and David spends a couple of days a month with his father and the rest of the time with his mother. They are not close. While Jack would like to be, David resists in classic sullen teen fashion.

David would be Christian's grandson, Aaron's cousin. David proves to be musically gifted. Might he possess other gifts as well? After David's conservatory audition, Jack is stopped by a young Asian boy.
Dogen, Jr.: Is that your son? He's really good.
Dogen: They're too young to have this kind of pressure, aren't they?
Jack: Yes. Yes they are.
Dogen: It's hard to watch and be unable to help. Your son has a gift.

When Jack catches up to David outside the conservatory, he tells him how impressed he is with his performance and then explains how he grew up under the dark cloud of the fear of failure...
Jack: Y'know, when I was your age, my father didn't want to see me fail either. He usedta say to me that... he said that I didn't have what it takes. I spent my whole life carrying that around with me. I don't ever want you to feel that way. I will always love you. No matter what you do, in my eyes, you can never fail. I just want to be a part of your life.

This gets me thinking... is LOST2 really better than LOST1 after all...?


David's reading THE ANNOTATED ALICE in LOST2. Jack sees visions of the off-Island world reflected in the Lighthouse mirrors. OK. LOST calculus tells me that for years, centuries, even, Jacob used this lighthouse to observe and maybe influence the lives of his potential candidates, living their lives in the history of LOST1. However, when Jack looks into the mirrors, the world that's reflected is that of LOST2. Inside the snowglobe: LOST1. Outside the snowglobe: LOST2. Razzle-dazzle!

Keep on keepin on~

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