Friday, December 31, 2010

Colbert Lives! We sleep...

I'm giving you a choice: either put on these glasses or start eating that trash can...

Of course, if you put on a second pair, you see that it's actually Stephen Colbert under the ghoul under Stephen Colbert. He's That Good.

The subliminal text is the same, of course.


Another response to the "Art Stephen Up Challenge." Actually, another two responses: one "My Colored-in Friend" portrait and one "Colbert Lives! We Sleep" portrait. =)

Hrmm... Maybe that should be "Colbert Lives! We Watch," eh?

Thanks to Zorky for bubbling THEY LIVE to the top of my recall sort over the holidaze.

After catching that "I call you my base" clip of G.W.Jr at a zillion-dollar-a-plate fundraiser or whatever-it-was way back when, my mind would always conflate it with the scenes in THEY LIVE where the rich ghouls and human power elite human power elite (start watching at the 8-minute mark =) are shmoozing at an underground gala dinner of their own, "backstage at the show." I totally see W's address as an outtake from those segments, y'know?

And don't forget Captain Colbertica, C01b3rTR0N!, and, oh, there's this, too: the new ColbertBook profile portrait...

Keep on keepin on~

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