Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Frickin Holidaze: "Santa mode"

Four calling birds...~

In response to some feedback I've gotten about not making it to the "win" screen in this year's Santa misadventure, I thought I'd offer peeps the option of a "cheat code" of sorts...

First, tho, I'll throw the basic rules at you again:

1. Control Rudolph's altitude using your mouse. Note that you have to keep your cursor on the game stage for it to be detected by Rudolph.

2. Santa follows Rudolph's trail, and depending on the shape of that trail, he can sometimes be launched into the air.

3. Gifts appear at various heights, but the ones that float in/above the clouds are special. These contain letters of the alphabet, and once you collect the eight different ones, you finish the game!

4. These letters spell out the password that will unlock your... well, let's just call it a "reward." =)

So, with that in mind, please give it another whirl if you're game!


Skip the gaming bit and click to view the "reward" at Vimeo or play it here, embedded below...

I hope you dig SANTA (drop a comment or like at Vimeo to chime in), and a Merry Post-Apocalyptic 2013 to one and all! =)

SANTA from cabin boy on Vimeo.

Keep on keepin on~

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