Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Frickin Holidaze =)

Seasons Greetings, Programs!

You can now cease with the fretting and pacing! It's arrived! My latest Santa Clausical digital fruitcake!

(Skip down to the P.S. for mostly-just-the-how-to-play... =)

Freshly half-baked from the easy-bake-mind-oven—light bulb! And, like most analog fruitcakes, this digital one is made of bits of various fruity and nutty items suspended in a spongey medium of indeterminate and perhaps questionable taste. And, if it's all hardened properly, very likely in just the mix and ratio that will cause your teeth to hurt and your stomach acid to churn.

Yay! Fruitcake!

This year's is a two-layer jobber that first (layer #1) has Santa Claus dealing with an aeronautical mishap and the giftastic fallout that results. Perhaps it's this very incident that turns out to be the last, final straw that then prompts him to try exploring a new career path (layer #2)...?

Yeah, that won't mean anything until you CLICK to PLAY!

And actually, even then it probably won't mean that much in a sensical way.

In any case, I hope these dopey clusters of zeros and ones find you enjoying your first post-Apocalypse Solstice season. Frankly, I'm finding it not nearly as exciting as I'd hoped PoPoc life would be. It's got more of a... post-Rapture vibe, y'know? And THAT was pretty frickin underwhelming, right?

O well. =)

Happy Frickin Holidaze!

Keep on keepin on~

P.S. A nitty-gritty guide to the 2012 Holidaze experience...

1. Point your look-at-the-internet thingie here. Note that this bit features musicks, so adjust your speakerphonia to desired levels. Also, it requires Flash, so it's no good on iOS gear. Boo on Apple or me, your call.

2. Once you click "start flying" you control Rudolph's altitude with your mouse. No clicking needed, just moving the mouse. Note that it has to be positioned within the game's stage to be detected.

3. Santa follows Rudolph's path and you want him to pick up gifts. The presents that appear above the clouds are special. When Santa collects eight (8) different special gifts, you win the game.

4. If you don't collect those gifts, the game will continue until the post-PoPoc, or until Flash crashes. Hopefully the two events will not be connected.

5. When you collect all eight special gifts, a "win" screen will appear. Please read the instructions on the "win" screen before clicking "Santa."

6. The "Santa" thing... Well, you're just gonna hafta watch.

7. As I stated above, this sucker is not quite fully-baked, so please try to forgive any glitchiness. At least the music is nice, right? For the flying portion of the evening, I mean.

8. Please direct any complaints, comments, or joyous exaltation to this office. Thank you, and Enjoy!~


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