Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Cornetto Trilogy: Three Flavours… of HERO!

In my second riff on the trilogy, "Three Flavours… of HERO!" I decided to tackle Simon Pegg's hapless heroic leads. I really need to practice drawing more, freehand and digitally. My likeness-ing needs improvement. It's always been a weakness and challenge.

And went with the (closing?) line from HOT FUZZ (and a lift from POINT BREAK)…
Angel: Sergeant Butterman, the little hand says it's time to rock and roll!
A fine and fitting declaration of intent for THE WORLD'S END, I rather think.

It's my sincere and not-at-all-secret hope that this creative team supreme works on turning "The Cornetto Trilogy" into "The Increasingly Misnamed Cornetto Trilogy." =)

Keep on keepin on~

P.S. The Cornetto Trilogy triple feature plays at the Brattle Theatre on Sunday, July 28! =)

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