Thursday, August 01, 2013

Crazy Talk: The Next Doctor…

Just wanted to get some of my crazy talk Out There before the rumored/reported announcement of Twelve this weekend…

I would like to see next Doctor be a character we've already seen in the series. Not an ACTOR, mind you, but a CHARACTER. I think it would be best and most practical if it's someone from the timelines of the most recent three Doctors. So, let's say it's Ten…
In one of Ten's stories, he encounters someone identified as a local, native to the planet and timeline, with whom he helps save civilization, time, space, Christmas, and reality in general. The usual Doctor fare.

But when Eleven regenerates into Twelve, we see that he looks exactly like that native, which could be a coincidence, a casting decision, a familiar Whovian shark jump. But this time, the Doctor remembers/recognizes that he looks like someone a previous Doctor has met before. Could still be coincidence, tho.

But as Twelve goes on about his wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey business, he finds himself in a situation that requires crossing Ten's timeline, perhaps to consult with or save someone, or grab/save an artifact or vital piece of information. I forget what sort of spacetime gymnastics were required and described to make it happen, but other Doctors have crossed timelines and worked together in the older series.

This time, tho, Twelve must go about his mission without alerting Ten, so, he goes undercover as the native who helped Ten do what he did back in his episode that protected the universe. We will be treated to a NEW episode (or two) covering the same events from Ten's story, but now from the native's/Twelve's point of view, which of course would include an arc or three of its own, beyond helping Ten out.

The first character that jumps to *my* mind for a Twelve of this kind is Alonso Frame…
I mean, how perfect would it be that Twelve would show up to grant Ten his "Allons-y Alonso" wish, right? But, I'm not sure how down I am with Ten setting Twelve up on a date with Captain Jack. Then again, we only see Boe Face starting to flirt w Alonso, which Twelve would expect (remembering/flashing back to what Ten told Jack), and we could pick up where the Ten episode cuts away, to a conversation in which Alonso maybe has a little fun w Jack before revealing that he's the Doctor! =)

Yeah, I like it.

Okay, it's crazy talk, but I like it. I like it a lot. Nyeah.

My other bit of hopeful crazy talk regarding the next Doc makes use of a device that in my personal pop culture absorption timeline belongs to STAR TREK, and was tweaked for use in/by BUFFY and FARSCAPE.

During the next regeneration, while the Doctor appears to be more glowing stardust than two-hearted humanoid, he gets intercepted by a transmat. It can't lock on him while regenerating, so he doesn't get whisked away, but it *does* mess w his proper regeneration, leaving his friends/allies/companion-types/hobos to protect him while he's vulnerable and OdinSleeping. Eventually, a spot of tea brings him around and he's ready to rock and roll!

How about, "Monocles are cool…" ? =)

And just as we see the new Doctor getting comfortable in his new skin and duds, we cut to… A darkened lab space with a transmat pad, pod, or ring. The glowing, regenerating Doctor materializes, staggering, perhaps ALTERED STATES-edly thrashing, and nozzles surrounding the pad hit him with some sparkly energetic compound that stabilizes him, allowing him to complete his regeneration without the coma/vulnerable period that his other half/self experienced. Lights come up in flashes, as if having trouble powering up, and in sequence reveal the a twin of the new Doctor standing in the interior of a somewhat blasted and very jerry-rigged and duct-taped together TARDIS! And who is there to greet him from the shadows?

"Hi, Dad."
You remember Ten's daughter, right? I *so* want the show to revisit that planted seed.

Or, I suppose, as much as I really don't love her, a lot of fans would probably love to hear…

"Hello, sweetie."

River. Blerg. I prefer Jenny. Regardless of who/how the new Doc is, I do want a Bring Your Daughter To Work Day episode soon! =)

Keep on keepin on~

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