Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cornetto licks!

Quick-ish post to mark the occasion—the Cornetto Trilogy tumblr just posted my "Three Flavours" goofs from flickr side-by-side! =)

Links to the flickrs…

Three Flavours of Doom!

Three Flavours of Hero!

I found the DOOM one at the Cornetto Trilogy tumblr on its own last week (submitted from my freshly-minted tumblr). Yeah, I'm tumbling now. Well, at least for a little while. I've been preoccupied obsessed with getting some bit of Cornetto fan goofing up there, and when submitted uploaded images or links to flickr didn't seem to work, I thought that the Trilogy tumblr might take kindly to another of its kind, so, Edgar, Simon, Nick, I tumble 4 U.

What was I gonna do? *Not* force the Culture Club reference?


If there's any chance you've come across this post and have no idea what any of the images or titles are about… The (Three Flavours of) Cornetto Trilogy refers to the three brilliant and remarkable films by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg and their talented menagerie:




All of these films are incredibly entertaining, thoughtful, clever, and have at their centers some great relationships and relating. I don't have the time to describe the awesome properly, but with these films, I believe you can watch and trust the trailers. In fact, they are UNDERselling their films.

And—Oh!—the music! Frack. Can't wait for the soundtrack to THE WORLD'S END to be available here in the colonies!

END opens in the U.S. on August 23 and select theatres are offering the triple feature of all three films in order on Thursday, August 22. I *highly* recommend this option. DO IT =)

Keep on keepin on~

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