Thursday, October 11, 2007

life imitates noir?

A little cinema-connected scandal bubbled up thru Google news at me and I want to share.

Stripper Accused of Borrowing Movie Plot.

Y'know, I meant to go back and revisit some of John Dahl's films after seeing YOU KILL ME. I remember LAST SEDUCTION pretty well, w its classic DOUBLE INDEMNITY twists, turned by sultry Fiorentino and stooge Peter Berg (director of THE KINGDOM, which is a kickass heartpuncher of a thriller). Funny, Fiorentino's seductress actually makes references to INDEMNITY in the choice of some alibis. This ex-stripper really was following the movie by following the movie. I also remember really digging RED ROCK WEST (I was keen on Lara Flynn coming off of TWIN PEAKS, y'know), but now, not so much recalling the specifics. I remember being annoyed by WEST after seeing it, cuz I saw it in a theater after (I found out later) it had already played on cable, and felt that I'd been gypped, believing the film to be a made-for-cable movie. I seem to recall reading or hearing later that some f'd up clueless marketing and distribution issues resulted in the film being on the small screen before the big. Man, it's sad how the entertainment machine can mismarket, undersell, and kill a good film. Dahl's got a good handle on noir atmosphere, and from what I've seen has had the great luck/benefit of drawing some great actors to inhabit it. Yeah, definitely need to go back and look at his previous stuff.

Maybe take some notes... =)

Keep on keepin on~

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