Friday, October 05, 2007

mr. potato | head | line

Just had to take a break and share...

You can see which story I clicked on. =)

What could the article possibly cover...?

A story about a law enforcement agent outed or ousted for some kind of crazy plastic cosplay action?

A review of a new feel-good 80s throwback MANNEQUIN-esque film about a mild-mannered meter matron and a Mr. Potato Head whom only she seems to be able to interact with... and even love...? Maybe she's crazy... But if she is, how else could she have gotten the tip about the latest shipment of the Russian mob's copycat toy smuggling operation...?

An interview with soldiers finding some peace and relief from post traumatic stress syndrome through play therapy?

Nuts. Just a drug bust.

In tried-and-true mule fashion, the drugs were found wrapped and packed in the rear cavity.

Keep on keepin on~

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