Sunday, December 28, 2008

DrUncle Sam's application "on file...?"

Watched DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG on DVD for the first time w Chris, Robyn, Dave, and my sister on Friday night—heartpunchingly wonderful, as ever. Chris then navigated his way to the ELE application finalists under Special Features. The top ten's videos are featured on the DVD. Gotta say, most wouldn't have been MY top picks (The Reverend kicks @ss, tho =), but then, I'm no Bad Horse (if only). I was surprised to see that the videos are followed by a list of DISHONORABLE MENTIONs. My sister and I had our eyes peeled for Sam's name, but neither of us could spot it in the scrolling pages of increasingly decreasing point-sized text. Always ready to rain on my own parade, and, familiar w the impresive levels of creativity and talent evident in the my ELE applicant competition, I wasn't crushed, but, well, I wasn't ecstatic.

O well.


Now, this Sunday afternoon, unable to find a list of the dishonorable online, I decide to unwrap my own copy of the DVD and give that list a twice over, cuz, well, why the frack not, right? And—Holy schnikies!(That's at just about the 30:04 mark of the ELE applications section of the DVD.)

Mission accomplished! U! S! A! U! S! A! *belch* U! S! A!

Keep on keepin on~

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design femme said...


*waves mini USA flag... or should that be a cocktail umbrella for DrUncle Sam?*