Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dr. Uncle Sam's Evil League Of Evil audition...

Meet Druncle Sam! (ELE audition) from cabin boy.

For context (not that the above should surprise any of you as "how I spent my Saturday just cuz"), if you haven't already, watch the Evil Goodness that is DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-A-LONG BLOG, then check out the League's site for details on their talent search for evil.

I managed to cobble togther this application video in the eleventh hour. Literally. I am a frickin mess right now. Been working on this for way too long and not all that smartly. Sleep-deprived, caffeinated, dirty, and bleeding-gummed. Good times. I'm a bit concerned that Sam may not be considered purely evil enough, more like... chaotic neutral, y'know? I want to believe, tho, that the Thoroughbred of Sin will recognize the value of his powers and ambition, and also understand that while Druncle Sam may talk about doing good for "the people," his methods are very effectively and efficiently doing them evil.

Keep in mind one of Druncle's favorite battle cries: "This is for your own good!"


Thanks to my squared sister, Nerdcamp Jessie, Paris Jen, and brother-in-law for their encouragement and help, and Jean C for the righteous and serendipitous introduction of "druncle" to my vocabulary.

Click here to experience Druncle's story in song.

Frack. I wish I'd jumped on this sooner and with more time and resources. If you visit Vimeo, check out the videos tagged "Evil League Of Evil." There are some talented and dedicated evil-doers out there. =)

* Just found the "ELE Applications" album at Vimeo. Looks like Druncle Sam made the application deadline. The ELE notice said that October 11 was the last day to submit, but there was no mention of an cut-off time, a la midnight, and which time zone. So, I freaked a bit to get stuff in as close to midnight as possible. Blerg.

* October 13, 2008. Whoops. Just saw the description of that Vimeo album and it looks like a personal collection, not an official League collection. So no telling if the videos did or didn't make a midnight deadline. Nuts.

* October 14, 2008. Paranoid about having two submissions for the one drunken villain, I decisively decided to withdraw and privatize the Druncle Sam ELE application ballad, but re-posted it, tagged as an application video, as a sort of collateral piece, to be buffeted as the market forces see fit.

Keep on keepin on~


design femme said...

WOW. Holy frack, you did an AMAZING job. Wholly original and well-thought out. I'd be surprised if you didn't end up as a top contender.

cabinboy said...

Thanks! Gotta say, there are a lot of impressive applicants out there. I've been browsing at Vimeo on and off, and so far, I really like the Garnisher, Bait & Switch, and Dr. Hategood. I wish I'd found out about "SEEKING NEW EVIL" way earlier. I haven't looked hard at the YouTube postings, but think I saw entries there listed as uploaded 1 month ago. Would also love to have the chance to put some more visuals to the song. I want to say that I'll do that for sure, but with the deadline done, the motivation is done to zero, y'know?

I was hoping this might be a regular/recurring event, but I saw that the ELE posting says that winners get their vids included on the Dr. Horrible DVD. And, sad to say, I'm guessing that's a one-time event.

I'd love to see Doc H go to Broadway, tho. =)