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LOST: processing...

(Some bee-boppin and scattin on the show, bits of it lifted from some back and forth with Larry...)

The 1950s Other chick. Did they call her Elle? Yeah, GOT to be Moms Faraday. Sfunny how Daniel begins to remark on how familiar she looks, and she takes it to be his weak attempt at making a pass at her, RIGHT AFTER declaring his love for Charlotte.

Did Faraday name his test mouse, Eloise, after his mom?

I really dislike Charlotte, but the show's writers, they're sneaky. By making Daniel love her, I begin to grow a bit more... well... fond is too strong a word... tolerant, perhaps?

Well, according to Miles, or perhaps more accurately, Miles's dead friends, Charlotte's been on the Island before. That's something that Ben didn't know or chose not to reveal when he told everyone who she was. And MAYbe Charlotte doesn't remember it either, selective memory resulting from time travel, perhaps, or exposure to weird radiation... a leaky H-bomb?

And what the heck's a cultural anthropologist doing on the team anyway? Is she gonna visit truly proto-Other culture in one of these time-skips?

Concrete and burial immediately made me think of the Swan station. Maybe the leaky H-bomb created the Swan anomaly? Or maybe its proximity caused the "incident?" Or maybe it's still buried and could be used to hold the Island hostage in some ultimate gambit, against Widmore, Linus, or even Jacob.

I would love for the time skips to continue for the rest of the season. Would love for Sawyer to get a practical handle on what's going on. And would love for him to play a few long cons with the Others and Dharma people over time.

Yeah, everything points to Abbaddon being Widmore's man. I was kind of hoping for some leeway in there, that maybe he's an unaffiliated rep of the Island, cuz when he appears to Hurley, he claims to be an Oceanic rep, and I suspect that Widmore owns or controls Oceanic (pretty handy for keeping track of who's on what flight, or faking a crash), but won't even produce a business card. Just a weird and dumb oversight. But, whatev. Everything supports him being Widmore's man.

And of course it makes sense that Widmore would have Abbaddon put the walkabout bee in Locke's bonnet. Widmore knows that Locke has to end up on the Island so that he can meet him in the past.

Was Charles sent out by the Others into the real world to create Dharma? Was he the leader of the Others when he did so? Maybe he went all free market on them while enjoying the good life on the outside, ostensibly, as part of the plan, and once Dharma got a physical presence on the Island, did Jacob/the Others turn on him and his ideas and go Hostile?

Charlotte. She really just seems so useless on all kinds of levels. It's annoying. Of course, that probably means that she's going to be important. I'm thinking she might be the daughter of a Dharma person who left the Island. Oh! Maybe she's the daughter of the guy who drilled into the Orchid chamber (which might account for extra sensitivity to timesickness)... AND... Desmond's half sister? Whaddyathink?

Saving her at this point might not require huge meddling. If she's timesick the way Desmond and Faraday (to a lesser extent) have been, then when she's unconscious, and her body's w Faraday and the Losties, her consciousness is visiting some other moment/time in her own life (maybe future episode?), and getting in touch with a constant in both times would restore her temporal balance, or whatever.

Hrmm... If Charlotte WAS on the Island as one of the Dharma kids way back, then maybe that's partly what Daniel's doing when we see him at the Orchid station in the past when it's being built. He's establishing himself in a second era in Charlotte's life, and perhaps making himself a constant.


The station that Candle is shooting an orientation video for is the Arrow, which was dedicated to gathering intelligence on the Hostiles. Interesting.

Just re-watched a chunk of season 4 finale (SciFi's playing 4 in a row Monday nights) and... Miles mentions to Charlotte that it's strange that she would want to leave the Island after searching for it for so long. THEN she tells Daniel that she'll stay, and also tells him that she's been looking for the place where she was born. So, really, no guesswork there, except perhaps for who her parents might have been. Horace?

Hrmm... Was she ACTUALLY born there? Does Ben know this? Was there a time when babies could be conceived and delivered safely on the Island? Why was Aaron an exception? Sun made it off the Island before her second trimester. Aaron was conceived elsewhere. And I guess Claire was already past the second trimester when they crashed.

Claire appears to Kate, in Aaron's bedroom, and tells her she must not bring him back. She says "him," not Aaron. What up w that? Is she Claire, Aaron's mom, there, or is she Claire, agent of the Island. Is the Island afraid of Aaron?

Y'know, Jin hasn't appeared to Hurley, so, I *want* to believe that he lives. But where? Not on the Island. The chopper was outside the radius of the Orchid and the freighter was farther out than that. Amnesiac somewhere? Picked up by Widmore or Ben's people? So unlikely. The best thing that could happen is that the Losties fix things in time so that he never dies in the first place. *fingers crossed*

What if the Island is like proto-Narnia in MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW? When a chunk of steel from the real world becomes embedded in the ground, it grows into the lamp post. What if that happens to things buried on the Island? Like, say, an H-bomb?

This is the first time I've pseudo-seriously had this thought—What if the Island is a geologically overgrown or buried spaceship? Alien/REPO MAN in origin? Maybe, but that might be too messy. Instead, SPHERE-like. A donkey wheel from the 19th century could've been fitted to replace a physically damaged or destroyed something else in that chamber, right?

Keep on skippin on~

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