Saturday, February 14, 2009

black saturday: Love Always Instant Messaging

Io Lupercalia! Or, in other words a very...

(please check any that apply)
[ ] ...Happy President Valentine's Day!
[ ] ...Bloody Black Saturday!
[ ] ...Lucky Friday the 13th!
[ ] ...Shadowy Groundhog Fortnight!
[ ] ...Historic Black History half-Month!

... to you and your sweetiepies! =)

Speaking of sweetiepies, do you find yourself wondering what your special guy or gal might REALLY be thinking this Hallmark Holiday? Well, thanks to the Extra Sensory Perceptive Amorous Messaging technology of Cupid Erotech, Inc., and their Love Always Instant Messenger, you can stop wondering! That's right, Cupid Erotech's ESPAM-powered Love AIM allows you to directly log into and query your Valentine's romantic subconscious, bypassing those pesky, lying filters known as the brain and mouth. Get to the heart of the matter! Go ahead, give it a try!

Try out the Love Always Instant Messenger! =)
Beware, the unfiltered, unconscious, and lusty thoughts of the object of your affections may not be what you hope or expect, or even sensible. Use at your own risk. =)

Keep on keepin on~

p.s. There's music and sound effects. Both can be turned off, but you might want to adjust your speakers accordingly.

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Ted Assur said...

Hmm. Although the responses do look hauntingly familiar, i will repost just to increase YOUR traffic bill.

Nice job PAIK.