Wednesday, February 04, 2009


First off...

AWESOME! When Rousseau's people turned over the guy and it was Jin I literally yelled, "YES!" and pumped my fists in the air.

I'm that big a dork.

But it really was that awesome. =)

Y'know. I don't feel like deconstructing/rambling all that much right now. So, summarizing...

Ben is like the Brain, of Pinky and the Brain, except his plans work. And... he looks more like a rat.

Guess that would make Jack his Pinky right now... Jack's cleaned up, but still kind of a wreck.

Hurley's kicking back in lockup. Cool.

Kate is trying to be the best fake mom she can.

Sayid is like the Borg. You can never use the same thing on him twice and he always kicks your ass.

Sun wants revenge on the two people responsible for Jin's death. One was her father. The other is Jack.

Aaron is a mealy mouthed dope who needs his mommy to put ketchup on his food.

Sawyer's moony, and everyone is in his business.

Sawyer won't change the past cuz what's done is done.

Juliet... I usedta like her way early on. One day she'll tear off her fake human skin and reveal the cold-blooded Visitor beneath.

Charlotte and Miles are getting bloody noses. I usedta think that the Fantastic Four were people who were meant to be on flight 815. Now I'm thinking they were all born on the Island. Well, the three nerds were. Lapidus is the kid who's doing his own thing.

Locke won't change the past cuz it's what made him who he is today. Also, he wants to get back to the Orchid to do whatever Ben did to get himself off the Island.

Oh! I think maybe they flashed into an alternate universe where an Ajira flight 815 crashed instoead of an Oceanic flight 815. As Sawyer put it...

Sawyer: Who came in these? Other Others?

Jin... AWESOME! =)

Keep on keepin on~

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