Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: @the Brattle

Pictures now. Words brewing...

LOVED the experience of the darkened theater screening—THANK YOU, BRATTLE! The finale itself was short on scifi and "answers" and long on spirituality, not my personal ideal ratio for this, but the LAX stories didn't negate or overwrite everything they lived and did in the real world, and that was probably the most important item on my unwritten finale checklist.

ANd the show was built to be a fun farewell ride. Here's a possible television first—these guys managed to make a "clip show" MEAN something!

I felt like the show was "warning" us, or training us, for this finale with "Across The Sea." Pushing the mystical over the (pseudo-) scientific in an attempt to get us to adjust, or even replace the bar in anticipation of the finale. And I'll probably like the finale the way I like that episode—not so much right now, but more as time goes by.

THANKS to the Brattle, Ivy, Ned, Brandon, Nancy, and Brian!

Sing your own special song~

Keep on keepin on~


mamalicious said...

Oh wow! That looks like it was fun!

cabinboy said...

@mama. Good times! Great to see it with an enthusiastic crowd in a darkened theater. The Brattle (black and white) rocks. =)