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LOST: I’m not here to hurt him, I’m here to help him let go

6.16: "What They Died For"

In this post, I'm gonna tackle a breakdown of what happens in LOST2 this episode. Will try to get to the LOST1 events in a next post. Click here for wuzzon in LOST1.

Jack wakes up to find that neck injury bleeding again. He seems to catch himself in the mirror again as well. What's that about? There's a significance to wounds and mirrors across the realities, but I can't get a solid lock on it. I feel like the mirror images give everyone a hint of their LOST1 life. The cuts, well, Sun2 seemed to feel the pain in her hand from a cut Sun1 experienced in her Island garden. Hrmm... Or perhaps it was the absence of a wedding ring she was reacting to? I'd hafta review that moment in the hotel mirror again to be sure. Jack... I can't definitively say there's a cross-reality correspondence to a similarly located LOST1 injury. His confusion over his appendectomy is fun, tho. If LOST2 is FALSE, then I can see how reflections and discrepancies in one's body would lead to a crack in the facade, an inkling of wrongness, a glimpse behind the curtain.

Jack's planning on going to David's concert that night. His mom is as well.

Desmond calls Jack to tell him that his father's coffin (and presumably, body) will arrive in LA by the end of the day. Where does THAT thread lead?

Desmond returns to the scene of the crime, the high school where John Locke teaches. Dr. Linus spots him and confronts him and is rewarded for his attempt at a citizen's arrest with a sound staccato pummeling.

I LOVED the flashover to Desmond1's beating of Ben1 at the marina. And the LOST2 punches were delivered with the intention of triggering that, as Desmond's answer...
BEN: Who are you?
DESMOND: You wanna know who I am?
Frickin sweet. =)

Later, in the nurse's office, Dr. Linus catches himself in a slightly carnival-like mirror, arm in a sling, much like his LOST1 self appeared, post-beating-from-Desmond. I feel like in that moment, he knows that in another life, he's capable of Great and Terrible Things. Just before this, when the nurse tells him, "This will sting, Mr. Linus," he snips," It's Doctor Linus, actually." Just a hint of entitlement, no?

Ben explains to Locke what happened and he passes along that Desmond's intent was not to hurt Locke, but to help him to let go. That clicks in Locke's mind with Jack's words about his guilt over his father's fate, ultimately leading John to visit Jack at his office. This conversation is pretty fun for having John list all of the coincidences connecting them since LAX and having Jack Lostify, "I think you're mistaking coincidence... for fate." Classic. Whatever the reason behind their repeated intersections, John has decided that he's ready to get out of his wheelchair. He'll dance at his wedding! =)

In the meantime, Desmond has turned himself in for the hit-and-run and the wack-a-Ben. He knows that it'll land him the cages with Kate and Sayid. Heh, that's different, at least. =)

Later on, the three of them are escorted out to an paddy wagon for transfer to county lock-up. On the ride, Desmond invites the others to join him in his escape. They're disbelieving, but agree to do as he asks if he can actually free them. Of course, Desmond delivers, with Ana Lucia's $125,000 (did I hear that right?) help. Funny how Hurley recognizes her but not vice versa. Desmond explains, enigmatically, "She's not ready yet." Where have we heard that before?

Desmond and Hurley are hitting their marks here as part of a larger plan. Desmond checks with Hurley—"You know where you're taking them, yeah?"—and leaves Sayid with him. So Hurley and Sayid will be picking up some friends. Hurley's wearing a jacket, so MAYbe he's dressed for the concert, but I wonder that he and his eventual carpool buds are meant to rendezvous with Desmond somewhere that's not the concert. If it was the concert, I feel like Desmond wouldn't need to confirm that Hurley knows where to go (he was just there to accept his T-Rex award =).

Desmond and Kate are heading to the concert in Hurley's Camaro.


I'm assuming this is a benefit concert for and at the museum that Chang runs, arranged by the Widmores, starring Daniel and Charlie. I'm not clear on HOW it's the same event that was scheduled the day that 815 landed. It seems like a pretty serious oversight to have no mention of this in any of the episodes and storylines since "Happily Ever After."

Who's definitely expected, Losties...

David (I assumed performing, but maybe as a fan/student of Daniel Widmore?)
Claire (since she's staying w them)
David's mother (I'm thinking Juliet, fits the timing)
Daniel Widmore (performing)
Charlie Pace (performing)
Charles & Eloise Widmore (sponsoring)
Hurley (sponsoring) & Libby?
Pierre Chang (museum bigwig)
Miles (+ girlfriend?)

815ers who need a little help...

Sayid (easy, if Hurley has a suit for him in the HMV)
Sawyer (disinclined cuz Charlotte will be there, but perhaps on the trail of the escaped prisoners)
Locke (if David is performing, Jack might have some tix to give him)
Sun and Jin (Sun's recovering at the hospital)

815ers and their Facebook friends who may not be needed, but need a little help...

Alex (was she planning on going, a friend of David's?)
Ben (Danielle might hafta work, so she asks Ben to go in her place)
Bernard and Rose (they're allowed to grab a bit of culture, right?)

Hurley might have sent tickets to any and all of these people as well. Sun and Jin seem like they might be some of the "them" that Desmond asks Hurley about taking. Gotta keep all the non-whites together, just like on the sub, right?



Keep on keepin on~

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