Friday, May 07, 2010

LOST: theories posted in the wild...

I've posted a few of my LOST posts (edited and mashed-up) at theoriesonlost at DarkUFO. In case your curious as to the feedback, have a looksee...

Mostly what I've discovered is that there are people out there who really hate it when you call the Monster "Esau." WhatEV.

* May 28, 2010. A couple more set loose in the bamboo forest...

An explanation of the LOST2 "afterlife" in the context of the Island, the Heart, and the Whispers. There's a lot of creative extrapolation, but I feel like it works in a LOSTy way. A version also now lives at The Fuselage.

LOST2 is a dreamlike virtual reality, a glitchy Matrix powered by Locke-ness, the Island, the Whispers, or some combination of the aforementioned.

* May 18, 2010. Released a couple more into the world wild webz...

Crazy Mother is a Momster and Desmond vs. Esau take it in the Heart.

Why are there no babies on board the Island?. It's not because of the Incident! To be honest, that seemed like the correct and Occam's razor answer, even if the "science" was fuzzy, even for LOST, until I heard about the significance of Tawaret.

No alternate reality in which I explain that the Incident results in LOST2 overwriting LOST1 in reality outside the snowglobe.

How Esau wins in which I explain what Esau has to do to be free of the Island. This holds up pretty damn well, too.

The final flashback and flashforward in which I go a wee bit fan-fictional on the notion that the next generation of Losties may hafta fix things and that Lapidus is a shadow Candidate.

Revelations in "Dr. Linus" in which... Y'know, I don't remember exactly what I covered in this.

Schrodinger's reality and "Happily Ever After" in which I mangle the cat thought experiment as a metaphor for what's going on with LOST1 and LOST2.

The Desmond brothers in which I explain how once Desmond1 wakes up in the EM shed, he's actually Desmond2, a theory I've since dropped in favor of "Desmond's already seen the end."

A chance to kill or capture Locke-ness Monster in which I describe my hope that the "reappearance" of a living breathing Locke during the time skip involving the canoe shootout would render Esau vulnerable to attack, capture, and maybe death.

Desmond's already seen the end in which I explain how when Desmond1 wakes up in the EM shed in LOST1, he's already seen the endgame in LOST2.

Just thought I'd share. I'm not quite feeling a full-on brand-new post, so I'm recycling. Recycling's good! =)

Keep on keepin on~

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