Sunday, August 05, 2007

LOST fans: this isn't fair, is it?

no, i don't have anything to say about the season finale or spoilers for the next season, no complaints or exclamations regarding 1-08-08 or whatever it is (did anyone else hear it's a voltron flick?)... no, what i want to point out/to is a bit of button-pushing that just doesn't sit well w me right now. have a listen/look...

do you understand?

It's pretty masterful manipulation, and so very simple a thing, but see, i've heard the song maybe a dozen times at random times over the last month, maybe, and it cuts thru every other sound around me when it's on. until i listened when i heard it in the car on the way home from the beach, i had no idea what the song was about (still a little unclear now even, but without a lot of rationalizing, it's def got nothin to do w the show), no idea who the artist was, but i was already inclined, programmed, even, to be into it.


keep on itchin on~

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