Thursday, August 30, 2007

midnight TRON this weekend!

in lieu of a new genuine post, i offer up my call to action, re: a midnight screening of TRON this weekend. =)

greetings, programs!

who's up for a nerdtastic evening of state-of-the-art (circa 1982) big screen computer generated cinema? it's jeff "the dude" bridges teaming up with bruce "the scarecrow" boxleitner to take on david "evil" warner and the all-powerful master control program (a young uncredited rick astley) in a winner-take-darpanet, game programmer vs. game program, battle to the de-resolution, frolf to the finish to save the virtual world!

in other words: TRON! midnight. coolidge corner theater in brookline. saturday night.

are you thinking - "TRON?! that's so primitive. what could such an ancient form of entertainment possibly offer me, clever american consumer, version 2.0 that i am?" well, the nerds in control of your consumables love it, so you might wanna pay attention!

so, who wants in? i'll try to figure out some pre-nerdstorm food/drink and/or activities options. i do believe there are several sushi options near the theater, and j.p. lick's across the ave to keep us deliciously busy until showtime.

this might be pushing it for some folks, but would a late show of WAR (jet li vs. jason statham, who cares why?) or BALLS OF FURY (in s.a.t. form... BALLS OF FURY : ping-pong :: KARATE KID : karate + christopher walken) work for anyone?

well, top priority, let me know if you're up for meeting up for midnight TRON. if you're up for some pre-show whatnot as well, let me know that, too, and feel free to hit me with a suggestion. and go ahead and round up your own nerd flock! share the good TRON news (playing midnight friday and saturday night) w your squad leader, wingman, company, padawans, wraith, teammates, ranger, barbarian, magician, thief, cavalier, or acrobat!. =)

keep on keepin on~

p.s. i don't know who played the mcp. : P

p.p.s. orson welles voiced the world-eating transformer unicron in the original animated TRANSFORMERS film from the 80s, featuring "the touch" by rick springfield!

... or so i've heard.

end of line.


zorknapp said...

In my continued observation and appreciation of the Paik writing style, I have to say I enjoyed the "quote" in the middle of the names, particularly David "evil" Warner, as he is just so GOOD at doing those types of roles from the early-mid 80's. Time Bandits and Time After Time spring right to mind.

Also, I *may* have considered the "Golden Monkey" for Boxleitner, but "Scarecrow" works fine. Of course, Sheridan was too good a role to put in "quotes." :)


cabinboy said...

heh heh, too true. altho i could've broken "sheridan" out if i'd also pushed peter "londo" jurasik. =)

funny you should mention MONKEY for the box. on the way out of the screening, my sister did as well, but i had to disagree with that match-up. my memory had commander "seventh heaven" decker (can't remember the actor's name now), of ST:TMP, as being the MONKEY man., and bruce as being the star of the *other* RAIDERS-ish tv show to air that fall, BRING 'EM BACK ALIVE.

i'd actually forgotten the name of the show, but an imdb search (by my sister) revealed all.

i guess david warner has mellowed out since the 80s. just look at his STAR TREK appearances, right? can't think of a most recent role for him now. he would've been fun in HOT FUZZ. maybe he'll land in a POTTER film?

what he oughtta do is a musical road movie w christopher walken. =)