Sunday, August 12, 2007

this one's for Bender...

that's flight of the conchords, right there, with "the humans are dead." good crack. micespace was pushing them on their home page a few weeks back, which, sadly, led me to avoid them... until i found out last night, from the lovely and talented HM, that half of the flight also happens to be the eagle half of the stars of EAGLE VS. SHARK, a totally loveable bit of absurd indie romance and rite of passage from the new zealand sector. see it for some sweet and quirky laughs. i'd hafta say if you liked NAPOLEON D, you're predisposed to enjoying this fried gem. new zealand. they grow their funny and their undead strong down there. give them a try, and hop skip and jump thru their other goodies online for more. =)

keep on beepin on~

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