Thursday, August 16, 2007

some recent fox noise

i've been in something of a news vacuum for the last couple weeks, and completely missed this steaming pile of an elevated non-issue (*no one* needs another 9/11) and the follow-up of moronic behavior. i'm no doubt making myself part of the problem by passing it along, but, following the thread did get me to watch stewart's first daily show opening remarks after 9/11, which were remarkable and touching, although given the context/closeness to the date it might be a little heavy for sensitive viewers.

working backwards...

keith olberman's countdown: worst person august 14, 2007

gibson's radio show (audio, w slideshow), on which he polls callers about the "need" for "another 9/11" and takes the non sequitur of an opportunity to knock on jon stewart's emotion and sincerity on the daily show broadcast of 9/20.

on fox noise, gibson speaks to columnist stu bykofsky, author of article "to save america, we need another 9/11." gibson seems enthusastic: "it's gonna take a lot of dead people to wake america up."

bykofsky's original column. did he really mean it literally here? or does he just get pushed into that take in the cable news follow-up on it? how thoughtless can he, his editors, and their paper be?

the 9/20 daily show segment to which gibson refers when mocking jon stewart.
also viewable here.

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