Monday, February 14, 2011

black monday: Io, Lupercalia!

Happy frickin Valentine's Day, all!~

If you're seeking guidance regarding a special someone today, I would like to direct you to an obnoxious somewhat-interactive resource that might be of some help. Based on the notion that Cupids, meddling pixies of romance and wuv that they are, should have some secret and supernatural insight into matters of crushing, courting, and loving, you will be given the chance to extract some of that truth and wisdom for your very own! How? By squeezing it from Cupid's own lovetastic organ - his heart!

Remember, however, that the truth DOES sometimes hurt...

With that in mind, go collect some hearts! Good luck!

Love *IS* in the air... SHOOT IT DOWN!

* Beware: Music and sound effects are involved, so adjust your volume accordingly! =)

I don't care if Monday's black...~

Keep on keepin on~

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