Friday, October 24, 2008

Watch-A-Thon 2008: final leg!

Hello, my oh-so-fetching and fascinating
[ ] friend
[ ] family member
[ ] MiceSpace pal
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[ ] acquaintance
[ ] friend-of-a-friend whose email address I pilfered from a mass mailing...

Brian here, again. How fare you? My, my! I must say, you are looking quite robust and fit! As ever, really. An uncanny resemblance to the ideal immortalized in classical Greek sculpture. Only, you know, with better hair. Oh, before you say a word, I must ask that you let me speak my mind, lest I be completely swept up and away by your charm and charisma, which, as impossible as it may seem, surpass your appearance in power and appeal.

I feel I must let you know that I am now on the last leg/week of my 2008 Brattle Theater fundraiser Movie Watch-A-Thon run. Being the thoughtful and well-informed friend and citizen that you are, I'm quite certain you're aware of my progress, but I hope you understand that in my position, I could not take the chance of not updating you. I mean no insult.

I know that you have no doubt been biding your time, taking in the lay of the land, accounting for political, economic, and cultural factors, always conscious of how your very influential support can best be timed and applied for maximum good. I myself am an unskilled amateur at such calculus, but have the gut feeling that that optimum moment is approaching, and will fall sometime this coming week.

How will you choose to support the theater and my run, I wonder? There is the straightforward option to make a one-time donation. But, do not forget that you can pledge an amount per movie, as well. Although, I must "warn" you that as of this week, I have just passed the 25-movie mark, and there is still a week of 'thonning remaining, so, if you choose to pledge, adjust your math accordingly.

You can make your donation via my firstgiving page.

It can be grueling, it's true—SO much bum-planting and popcorn-consuming—but I persevere, knowing that it's for such a good cause! Certainly the run is made easier if your work hours and sleep requirements can be pushed to the extreme degree that mine can. It also happens to be convenient that I'm not in demand at m/any social engagements and society affairs, as you are. However, if you discover a movie-sized gap in your upcoming itinerary—perhaps a serendipitous scheduling conflict with the Pope, or that Bono fellow?—my offer stands—I will gladly treat you to a film at my favorite little cinema anytime that we can manage it. Do let me know. The election documentary FRONTRUNNERS begins its week-long run tonight, Friday, 10/24.


Brattle calendar.

Thanks very much for your time and consideration!

Keep on keepin on~

p.s. C'mon, Obama's got enough dough now, right? And besides, *this* is tax deductible!

p.p.s. To those incredibly super-hot PEOPLE magazine's sexiest individuals who have already contributed, thank you again for your generous support! Also, please disregard this message.

p.p.p.s. Please pass this message on to anyone you think would be into supporting this wonderful independent cinema (and keeping me off the streets)—thanks!

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