Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Triple threat tonight! Isaac Hayes, hicksploitation, and SNAKES! @the Brattle grindhouse!

At 5.30, it's TRUCK TURNER, starring Isaac "Hello, Children" Hayes as the smooth-talking, short-tempered bounty hunter who takes on LA's prostitution underground. It's war between Turner and the most pimptastic pimps you ever saw, led by Yaphet Kotto's Harvard Blue. Blaxploitation at its blaxploitiest and pimpin'est, featuring a score by "Shaft" Hayes himself. Also stars Nichelle "Lt. Uhura" Nichols and Scatman Cruthers.

Check out the badasss trailer!

For the next two films, a double-feature (1 ticket for admission to both), I really have to direct you to read the Lars Nilson descriptions from the Brattle listings as I have no language to describe them myself.

At 7.30, it's PSYCHO FROM TEXAS. No, not Oliver Stone's W. It's a so-bad-it's-good (I hope!) example of the hicksploitation genre. No, no, W doesn't open until the 17th!

And, at 9.30, it's SNAKES! "A rural gothic snake-revenge movie that's oh so much more."

Today's Brattle listings.

Note that TRUCK TURNER plays one last time tomorrow (Thursday) evening as well.

Also, looking ahead to the weekend, "The Compleat LORD OF THE RINGS" program, featuring the director's cuts of all three LOTR movies, kicks off on Friday and runs thru Monday. Sunday features the entire trilogy in order! Check the Brattle schedule for showtimes.

Please support the Brattle theater (and my moviegoing malady =) !

Keep on keepin on~

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