Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Watch-A-Thon: spread the wealth around...

I want your money (for the Brattle). I really do. But, cocky bastard that I am, with the finish line in sight, I decided to do a little looking around at the pack. And who do I see? A few fellow Brattle nuts, familiar strangers, people with whom I have undoubtedly shared many films but not really gotten to know. The thing is, I'm guessing that they have way more dignity than I when it comes to pushing their dirty little movie habit on every friend, acquaintance, client, vendor, stranger, or arresting officer.

Lucky for me and the Brattle, I'm short on dignity. At least, y'know, when it comes to sitting at a keyboard and zapping people w electrons seeking moviegoing spotters and boosting this or that film and the Brattle's programming. Of course, we're also very fortunate that my friends are long on patience and generosity. That, or motivation to shut me up. =)

I don't know who all visits these deposits of blogorrhea here at wuzzon, but if you're here for the first time, or the dozenth (only the Space Pope knows why), and don't actually know me in "the real world," given the content of most of my rambling, I'd guess that you're at least an irregular moviegoer, and possibly a full-on film fanatic, like myself and my fellow 'thon runners. Maybe even a Brattle patron, once or twice in a while. If that's at all the case, please consider supporting the Brattle by sponsoring one of my fellow runners. So far as I can tell, three of them are also availing themselves of firstgiving's capabilities, so those are the only ones I can push at you here.

As Obama says, it's better for everyone when we spread the wealth around.

(Besides, I can "afford" to refer you to other runners just now, as I happen to know that my parents are gonna drop some guilt money on my firstgiving page before the finish line. =)

Keep on spreadin on~

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