Thursday, September 27, 2007

halo 3 (and harvard) hack...

does this version of the statue have three lies as well...?

i'm not a halo player. regardless, pretty freakin cool, heh.

question for any master chiefs out there. i saw a clip of something that looked like game intro video to the new game, or maybe something promotional?, and it's got female voiceover describing how the player was chosen for his role, whatever it's to be, because of his luck. is that—luck—an actual, like, feature or power? if in fact it is, well, if larry niven didnt get a little credit before, he should definitely get some now.

while i'm pretty sure that dyson came up with the sort of parent concept of a halo, i'm partial to larry niven cuz of his fictional application of the concept as the ringworld in his known space series of RINGWORLD books, in which he also put forth the most excellent idea of breeding for luck.

just sayin'

thanks to paris jen rn for directions to the fun. =)

keep on keepin on~

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