Monday, September 10, 2007

a rEVOLution?

i really like the "rEVOLution" type treatment/trick here...

this is the first bumper sticker, at least in recent memory, to motivate me to find out more about its message. note that i didn't actually spot it on a bumper, but saw it this morning stuck to a beam above the exit from the park street t stop downtown. a good/clever design goes a decent way to suckering me into anything. i think that the one i caught actually had "ron paul" in smaller type and "rEVOLution" blown up a bit, and no url. i'll try to get a photo tomorrow if i remember on my way out of the t.

* monday evening. got the shot. more LOVE, less paul, see? less paul, not les paul.

i'm mostly familiar with congressman ron paul and his campaign thru DAILY SHOW coverage and interviews (i don't recommend it as your exclusive news source, but... a spoonful of sugar, y'know). this "revolution" bit was something i hadn't seen or heard coined before. to my mind, it's too bad that such an appealing logo design is at work for a gop candidate. granted, the one who seems most liberal and sensible among the pack, but from what i've picked up of his platform, he's only gonna be a revolutionary choice for republicans. now, if only they would make that choice.

* Friday, September 14. Came across a WIRED write-up about how support for dr. paul is apparently big in tech industry, or as the article characterizes it, geeks...

hrmm... note to self: write up post about recent advertising encounters from my commute.

keep on keepin on~

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