Saturday, September 22, 2007

2x Power Up! Donate to the Brattle this month!

throughout the month of september, the brattle film foundation benefits from a $10k challenge grant, matching donations and memberships dollar for dollar, effectively doubling anyone's contribution! it took me a while to motivate on getting the word out, between being stuck in my broken arm funk and a frantic schedule at work, but i've come up for air and managed a start at it, and hey, a week remains for people to act. more than enough time for a movie and a credit card transaction, no? you'll also find the following spiel at my firstgiving page as well.

For the past two years, this is the space I'd use to tell you about the extreme endurance test of blood, sweat, tears, and popcorn known as the Brattle Watch-A-Thon . Alas, this season, the 'thon is not to be run. Instead, the Brattle Film Foundation has other fundraising initiatives in place, and I'd like to highlight one in particular, and hope that you'll be inspired to participate.

For a limited time, your donations are matched!

Thanks to a generous $10,000 Challenge Grant, this month the Brattle Film Foundation is running its first-ever Fall Fundraising Challenge! This means that every contribution made to the foundation in the month of September is matched dollar for dollar. Only donations and *memberships!* made by September 30, 2007 will apply. You can donate via credit card thru my FirstGiving page, or at the Brattle website, and of course, at the theater itself. (Go go go! =)

Goodness at the Brattle...

If you'd like to "try before you buy," I urge you to check out the films in their current Recent Raves or What We Did On Your Summer Vacation 2 series, including SUNSHINE, GRINDHOUSE, and MY BEST FRIEND. Schedule willing, I'd be up for seeing almost all of the series (again, half of them =). Also, look ahead a week or so to Cult Double Vision, three days of no-brainer dream double features. In between, you can have your perspective altered and your consciousness raised by the GLOBAL VOICES United Nations Association Film Festival.

Hrmm... Boat not quite floating? how about an evening of live music with Throwing Muses and Belly rockers Kristin Hersh & Tanya Donelly? Uh huh. Take *that!*


Thank you for any little something you can give to help the Brattle...

...Keep on keepin on~ =)

p.s. Remember, funds matching applies only to contributions made in September, so please, donate now.

p.p.s. I'm told the Brattle Movie Watch-A-Thon will return in fall 2008. I shall come for you then, at the appointed time...


design femme said...

dang it, I'm missing the Kristen Hersh / Tanya Donnelly show coz my folks will be in town. I'd bring 'em, but I think my mom and dad are not up on the Throwing Muses discography :)

Oh well. Are you going?

cabinboy said...

i think a show like that, two rockin women on stage at the brattle, me seated safely away from beer bottles and studded or bolted or chained anything, would be just the right speed for me, being all old and brittle the way i am.

question: do i get popcorn at a show like that?

as of now, i'm not committing to it. as the date gets closer, provided tix are still available, i'll think harder, and if anyone steps up and says they want to check it out, i'll be even more likely.

we shall see.

design femme said...

I think I saw that shows are now sold out!!! you may want to double check on that.

cabinboy said...

D'oh! of course you are correct...


design femme said...

i'm such a moron. I could've went after all!
I thought the show was this weekend... rats!