Sunday, September 23, 2007

Donate this Sept: your support of the Brattle is *doubled!*

more brattle boostering. the following is a micespace bulletin i posted for my approved friends. really, what other kinds of friends are worth having?
Donate to the Brattle!

In the past, I've harassed many of you to sponsor my Brattle Theater Movie Watch-A-Thon runs. Alas, the next sesson of 'thon madness isn't scheduled until fall of 2008, but in the meantime the Brattle is running other fundraising strategies, and I want to point you to one in particular—the Fall Fundraising Challenge—in the hopes of enticing you to contribute to the theater without my having to watch movies until my eyes bleed.

Not that I'm complaining, y'know... Good for the circulation, really.

Note that this isn't about supporting any personal competitive effort or stake of mine, as in the Watch-A-Thon scenario.  Rather, this is all about demonstrating your generosity, altruism, and cultural leadership by championing this little institute of film celebration, education, and preservation, confirming yet again the truth of all the hushed respectful whispers of your nobility and greatness...


Enough buttering? Okay, here's the low-down...

Thanks to a generous $10k challenge grant, every contribution made in the month of September to the Brattle Film Foundation—whether donation or membership—will be matched dollar for dollar.  Thusly will your donation firepower be doubled, like linking up with your stolen ship in Galaga (without the downside of becoming a bigger target of course)!

You can donate online by credit card at the Brattle site or via Firstgiving. You'll also find my longer spiel and some upcoming Brattle movie recommendations at my Firstgiving donation page.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to doubly support the Brattle! (Alas, donations remain only singly deductible on the ol' taxes, sorry.) There's just about a week remaining in the matching challenge, so please give now if you can. Thank you!

Keep on keepin on~

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