Saturday, September 15, 2007

i liked her debut album...

i was told that i should check out britney's mtv vma performance. i definitely have a pop culture sweet tooth, and altho i don't go out of my way to see and experience all that's "hip" and "happenin" w the kids today, well... i like to keep my finger on the pulse... or at least on the bulb that you squeeze to check the blood pressure, y'know?

and i really did like her first album of cheetos, when she was singing about (being trapped in) really f'd up abusive relationships in her little schoolgirl persona. eleven tracks of cries for help... from the future, even it seems...

just listen to the lyrics, people!

so, i did as i was told and checked it out. what with the internet making it so easy and all, i really couldn't not, y'know? one viewing. pretty annoying and underwhelming. she does look way out of it. this was her "big comeback" event? the cutaways to the audience members and (non)reaction almost seemed mean-spirited. so not important, but maybe a little bit sad. apparently she's been raked over the coals for it? given the rules of the hyperreactive fishbowl of celebrity, and the performance she delivered, i suppose she's getting what she deserves. whatev (an interweb personality and britney superfan's vloggy reaction).

* the next day. ah, the power of the tubes of the internet... clicking about online, came across a certain petreus fan's defense of his performance, covered by keith olberman earlier this week.

me, i hafta live with knowing that i went and saw this before i saw things i sorta actually want to see. like the two SCOOBY DOO live action movies. sarah michelle and linda c., my apologies.

pork chop sandwiches!

keep on keepin on~

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