Wednesday, September 26, 2007

wanna be in pictures this saturday?

passing along a casting call from super somervillain anna...


The SomerVillains are casting a 2-3 minute comedic short on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 in North Cambridge.

ACTORS: email your headshot / resume / web page or whatever you have, and we'll send you a shooting script.

If interested, SEND AN EMAIL to: annacallahan(at)
Include in the email: which part you'd be interested and have ATTIRE for:

* 7 or 9 bohemian-looking filmmakers;
* 7 or 9 old-money looking film distributors/lawyers;
* a large group of independent filmmakers (who save the day).

The shoot is all volunteer, so this is not a paid gig.


keep on keepin on~

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