Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Philips ate my balls...

A little too late* I found this post with a host of very helpful, sympathetic, and how-to-repair comments. I did many, regular, even, for weeks, google searches on my set once it winked out on me a month or so ago, looking for troubleshooting/repair advice, but I swear I never saw this come up before. I got hits at ask.com and answers.com and saw the same general advice in many places, but never a post or article about my exact problem. WTF?

Some kind of hysterical blind spot?

Frack. I was ready to give it up to freecycle tonight. Instead, I'll hafta hit Radio Shack, re-fuse the TV, and then figure out where I can put the 27" flat tube set now... **

It's a bit ridiculous.

Keep on keepin on~

* Too late to not go ahead and buy myself a HD-ready LCD TV. Frackin heh.

** Alas, its old spot in the living room has been usurped by its svelter successor.

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