Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunday pumpkin butter, Oktoberfest, and THE MISFITS...

After letting Joe know I was feeling too ill to join in the apple picking party this morning, I let myself sleep and cough and sleep and cough for a couple hours. When I finally got myself awake and vertical, pretty much in the afternoon time, I motivated to put the second coat of "beach" on the walls.

That took a couple hours. I was feeling a little feverish again, but the achiness was pretty much gone. Perfect conditions for taking in Harvard Square's Oktoberfest, no?

Brazilian meatsfest, courtesy of the Midwest Grille, which comes highly recommended by Jacky. Local fare for me now, I'll hafta check it out soon.

There were some great outdoor band performances around the square. I think I passed three different "stages." Oktoberfesters camp out with their foodstuffs and purchases and girly- and boyfriend types and baybays while a band jams in Vagina Park. It's difficult to make out in the bright sun (ridiculously gorgeous day!), but the DO NOT ENTER sign's got "IRAQ" scratched into the white rectangle. Ah, Cambridge. =)

Some sculptures take in the scene, ignoring the riffraff passersby.

I love this fellow's work. He's been a regular at the Square's Mayfairs and Oktoberfests for two years now. Two shops/galleries on Newbury Street currently carry his work. You might remember me referring to his stuff before, but probably not knowing who and what I meant. His paintings are of characters he created and has been drawing since he was a kid. Lucky talented bastard! =)

I broke away from the O-fest to catch the 5pm show of THE MISFITS at the Brattle. John Huston directs Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, and Eli Wallach with an Arthur Miller script. The disappearing frontier, the loneliness and alienation of modern American life...

Gay (Gable): Since when has any woman gotten to know a man better by asking him questions?
Roslyn (Monroe): You mean they all lie?

Some pretty cutting and heavy stuff. Marilyn's trusting and earnest Roslyn reminded me a bit of PANDORA'S BOX from a few weeks back—a beautiful woman with a big heart who cares deeply for her friends keeps falling into uncomfortable situations when strangers offer their kindness. I felt a little touch of story magic when "elderly" cowboy Gay wants to introduce his new young love, Roslyn, to his children, and he calls them Gaylord and Rose, the names I'd guess they might choose for their own children.

Two hours and change later, it's ex-Oktoberfest in the Square. The Brazilian BBQ was set up over to the left of the scene in this pic.

I'm tired. Still suckin down cough drops to keep the hacking down. I realized last night that the living room's drafty. I've been camped out here since Sunday night and will be until my bedroom painting's done. I just have the window "box" to do now. Two more days, I guess. More painting pictures soon. Eventually. =)

Keep on keepin on~

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